GoodNites for Me!


As a lot of you know, Bear, 5 1/2,  had surgery almost 5 weeks ago. Something I didn't mention was that he has been in diapers pretty much ever since. It was on his intestines and so I knew from the doctor that he would probably have to wear a diaper for some time but ... 5 weeks now? I feel like I have 2 toddlers and with Bug, 2 1/2,  in the beginning stages of potty training, I really feel … [Read more...]

Full Core {An Exercise Nothings Story}

We were walking outside for an Adventure Walk (ie- me trying to keep them alive while walking in our neighborhood...) and the FedEx truck pulled up with the Full Core. That is Bug running to the truck- clearly the FedEx driver is more concerned than I was...

Getting back into shape is hard, especially with it being colder outside and my body naturally requesting a second bowl of cheesy chili with Fritos... or Halloween Candy... and I could go on and on here. I love to eat and honestly feel like I'm hungry more often when it's colder. As I learn to eat less as I'm exercising regularly, a little help occasionally is a great thing and that's why I was … [Read more...]

Fuel for the Body & Car (Red Strike & Murphy USA)


Every morning is a battle for me. This isn't some new development, I'm just not a morning person. Laying in bed until noon would be grand, but that's just not how our society works. For years I've drank Dr. Pepper or coffee in the mornings, trying to get myself going. Since having kids it's been even more difficult. Not only do I have to get *myself* up and ready, but now I have to get two others … [Read more...]

Probiotic Goodness (Part 2)

As I mentioned in my Part 1, I was a little skeptical about trying the probiotics at first. It's not that I'm against the probiotics at all, I've taken them several times this year, (while I was on an antibiotic or when I had stomach problems which happened a few times this year,) BUT I'm also very all-natural and prefer organic, whole food vitamins from a local health food store. I don't like … [Read more...]