Volunteering (from both sides)

I like to volunteer.  I do it quite often and here is the kicker...I LOVE IT! I'm a people person, and a people watcher.  I enjoy seeing people out and about, excited about what they are doing.  My favorite place to volunteer is for a local music venue.  We just had a concert last night, and while I was there it brought several questions to mind. 1) Do these people realize that we don't … [Read more...]

Ben vs Heidi {Egg Edition}

great day farms eggs

Ben and I are very different. (Anyone who knows us in real life just laughed out loud at that true comment.) They say opposites attract.  We joke opposites attack.  He can eat terrible and stays slim and fit with good muscle tone. I work out, do push ups and SMELL fries and gain 5 lbs.  I love cooking with veggies, vegan broths for flavor, brown rices and pasture raised meats … [Read more...]

the beauty in breaking forth


Me and my big mouth. I love art, but it's something I don't have time for. I thought. Here is a conversation with one of my favorite coworkers, JP (as remembered by me): JP: I want some cool looking abstract art for my house that looks like this-  [shows picture]. Me: I could *totally* do that. Easy Peasy. I am really great at seeing art and being able to copy it well [completely … [Read more...]

Sweet Friends

MJ and Rhonda at camper arrival.  They just love being together and MJ always looks to find Rhonda to be next to her.

The camp season has started back up and though my roll is very different in the summer the love of the camp experience is still the same. I am always changed by the things that happen here and always touched no matter how many times I have seen the same weeks, same campers, and everything camp. Today I want to share a sweet story of two precious friends that love each other so much and yet … [Read more...]