Belonging everywhere… Settled nowhere


As I wrote in my last post I have been having a difficult time writing lately.  I have realized more and more why and the reality is, I have so much to deal with each day that at the end of, or even the beginning of the day, I have had very little brain power left to use on creative outlets of any kind.  However, many of my writings come from moments or events in my life that strike me when I … [Read more...]

The World Wide Web Is So Amazing!!!


The title of this post seems like it should be something that I would be proclaiming in the early to mid 90's but here I am in 2012 saying hello to the internet and maybe appreciating this renewed introduction more than ever. I have mentioned before how I live in the country and how it sometimes feels that we are living in Africa in comparison to the rest of the world, well the past … [Read more...]

why I need a PDA

I just finished clipping my too-long toenails on Snickerdoodle who is sitting in my sink napping and I was musing over this week. It wasn't super bad or anything, I just managed to screw up like I wrote about in another blog. I decided to hi-light the best of the worst:-so TODAY, for example. It started out good, Summit woke up around a quarter to 8 so we put him in his swing to get an extra hour … [Read more...]