Banana Bread Cake Balls

banana bread cake pops

This recipe was first published over on my instagram account- feel free to follow over there!  Happy Valentine's Week! I have a confession. shhhhh…. don't tell Ben but sometimes I use the kitchen as an excuse to have a break when I need one. I have always justified this because the results are typically pretty worthwhile and yummy-- benefitting everyone, ya know? Recently, my … [Read more...]

Anasazi Beans and Rice {with a fried egg}


 Disclosure- I am a Bob's Red Mill friend and they sent me a care package in the fall that included these beans. Also, I work for Great Day Farms/CCF Brands but I purchased these eggs for myself and this recipe was developed and created for my blog. I love quality brands and only ever promote and work with brands I think have superior standards for their foods.  Quick and easy Beans and … [Read more...]

Living Locally: 28 Springs

28 Springs

***Disclaimer: I'm a 2014 brand ambassador to 28 Springs & James at the Mill but, as you know me, you know that my thoughts and opinions are all my own. I was not paid to write this but received a free dinner and want to share about my great experience with you guys!*** I really think that the person who write the book of love languages was pretty brilliant. He wrote in a way that helped … [Read more...]

{The Best} Potato Bacon Soup AND {Superb} Supreme Pizza Soup


Today is s twofer. Toofer? Whatever. Two for One. Being snowed in has made me a bit crazy… Don't tell anyone… this is a secret… but I find that when I get overwhelmed with the boys being… well, boys- I escape into the kitchen with my sanity and imagination and end up with about 10 extra pounds in the last 4 days delicious things I get to serve to my excited family. So, it … [Read more...]