More than a feeling…My thoughts on #AWBU

Apple Walnut Wantons

I got to spend the weekend with a pretty amazing group of ladies at the Arkansas Women Bloggers Unplugged 2013.  A great big THANKS to Great Day Farms for sponsoring me for this event and serving up some pretty amazing breakfast as well. At a conference I attended several years ago, one of the speakers said this: "Make this more than a jaccuzi experience."  That idea stuck with me for several … [Read more...]

Ben vs Heidi {Egg Edition}

great day farms eggs

Ben and I are very different. (Anyone who knows us in real life just laughed out loud at that true comment.) They say opposites attract.  We joke opposites attack.  He can eat terrible and stays slim and fit with good muscle tone. I work out, do push ups and SMELL fries and gain 5 lbs.  I love cooking with veggies, vegan broths for flavor, brown rices and pasture raised meats … [Read more...]

Easy Bacon-Egg Cups


I saw these on Pinterest awhile ago and have been dying to make them ever sense.  I'm going to guess it was the Pioneer Woman who inspired me thus, but I'm not sure and to the genius who came up with these- these bacon and egg goodness- THANK YOU. These are so easy that a recipe is barely needed, just looking at them tells it all but I decided to break it down for the fun of it. What you … [Read more...]

Breakfast at Ellen’s (Not to be confused with Tiffany’s)…

Omelette beginnings

You guys remember my friend Ellen, right?  If not, here is a photo reminder... She is kind enough to allow me to hang out on the weekends I don't have my kids.  I spend the night, laugh, watch movies, and read aloud to her (We are currently on "Drums of Autumn" by Diana Gabaldon, AMAZING!) What I like to do, and enjoy doing  is cooking breakfast... Here we have some farm fresh eggs, … [Read more...]