The Global Shoppe {of emeralds and golds}

the global shoppe 1

 I love shopping at The Global Shoppe- in a day and age when we want our purchases to matter, places like the Global Shoppe are places you feel good about spending your money. Their story is of beauty from ashes- check them out and share their message. This is the first of two blog posts that I'll be doing.  Mallory Berry did the pics and they are perfect. I had such a good time helping The … [Read more...]

Dressing For the Day


One of the ways God reveals himself to me is through the beauty all around me. I love people's faces- the uniqueness about them that is the thumbprint of a creative savior. Some days- it's simply through an outfit I feel confident in and forget that I'm even wearing it. Which- to me- is the best sign of comfort. Abby over at Dear Abby Leigh weekly does a link up where you can share in the … [Read more...]

Living Locally: The Global Shoppe {Fayetteville}


Photo credit to Rebecca Pilotte Photography Guest Post by Claire Bailey  As part of my “Living Local” series I’ve started this spring, I decided to poll my friends on Facebook and  ask others in person, what their favorite local places to shop were. Most people got excited about 1 or 2 stores and had a quick sales pitch of why they liked that place. After talking to a few hundred … [Read more...]

From Florida to Colorado {Booze Based Fashion Philosophy}

Colorado Pics

So as many of you know David and I made a 2,180 mile move from Sarasota, Florida to Fort Collins, Colorado. As we near our one year anniversary of living here I have been reflecting on the changes, the challenges, opportunities, the friends we left behind and the new ones we've made. For those of you who have moved away from your home you understand the feelings I have. The initial feelings of … [Read more...]