Practical guide for introverts to survive “Greeting your Neighbor” at church

For my bible belt friends... all in good fun.  "Now turn and greet your neighbor!" My heart briefly sinks every time I hear that before it returns to the rapid beating of anxiety. My palms go sweaty and I nervously look around in fear- wondering which awkward encounter to have first. I understand that the "greeting your neighbor" time is suppose to be about fellowshipping with other … [Read more...]

I’m going to have squirrel for dinner


*not really. No actual squirrels were harmed during this blog post* OH IT'S ON. At first I thought it was cute to have a furry companion with large teeth trying to break into my attic. I told Ben about the determined little rodent and accepted the fact that he would probably try to kill him with his bb gun. and then laughed at him as he would charge out the front door with the gun when we … [Read more...]

In which I almost knocked over an elder in my church (while wearing amazing heels…)


I love heels. If you follow me on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram you may have saw a picture of some killer heels that I wore recently. I got them at a thrift store and they were exactly the brand and PRICE I was wanting. Now I feel sassy, grown-up and classy wearing them with my skinny jeans. I've met my first goal of my New Year, New You series that I'm writing about in my Exercise Nothings … [Read more...]

Twirling in Tube Socks


I can't dance. This is no surprise to anyone who knows me and my sister (who jumped in the air and her husband got this amazing picture)  is probably somewhere chuckling. Either I've really never been smooth on the dance floor (or anywhere else for that matter)  or the constant harassment of much more coordinated friends crushed my confidence in any ability I may have had. I tend to think that … [Read more...]