Chore Charts Country Style!


I decided to make the kids some chore charts that would be re-usable and also blend with the decor (or lack thereof) in my home.  I was the fortunate beneficiary of some old windows, so they inspired this project! The first thing that I did was borrow my sister's electric sander, and sanded all three windows to remove all the old chipped off paint. Once that was done, I painted just one … [Read more...]

Bathroom Upgrade {Before. . . then After} UPDATED~!

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The bathroom is the one room in my house that depresses me. . . I can't figure out why exactly, but it just does.  I decided that it needed an upgrade.  I am going to post the before pictures right now and then tomorrow afternoon, I will post the after pictures on this same post:   If you have any comments, questions or snide remarks, I am least until tomorrow morning when … [Read more...]

Country Living {The Travel Version}


Since we are headed back tomorrow, it is safe for me to finally post this...(My parents tend to get a little anxious if we post anything on line stating we are ALL away from 'the hill'.)  The plan was for all of us to spend the week in Branson. We are pretty infamous for not leaving or arriving on time, so when I heard, "We are leaving at 9:30 am" I didn't take it too seriously.  All 10 of us … [Read more...]

Scott Paper Towels + VUDU = Gift for Baby and Gift for Me!

Scott Paper Towels

I have been working along side Dr. Maggie for a couple years now.  She is technically one of my bosses, but has become a mentor and a friend over time.  I am so excited for her as she is about to embark on her journey as a mom in the next few weeks.  It is a tad bit bittersweet, because as soon as that precious boy arrives, that means she will not be working with us for some time, but I have no … [Read more...]