Easy Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal {with Silk Almond milk}

apple cinnamon oatmeal with silk almond milk

Sometimes the simplest and easiest recipe is best. I try to eat healthy but struggle on busy mornings to eat well. Most of the time I grab a granola or lara bar on my way out the door. It's also important to me that Bear and Bug eat healthy too and sometimes a little planning ahead goes a long way. I have found that making a pot of oatmeal and scooping out a bowl every morning for the following … [Read more...]

10 Years {of marriage}

Our kids have no chance of being normal...

The pressure has been mounting as last month ticked on by and all my co-bloggers shared poignant stories about the relationship aspects in their lives. Sherry wrote about always being the bridesmaid, Katy wrote on the young married life without kids, Sarea shared her life, post divorce with 3 kids and now I'm here representing the married for a decade with two kids crowd. I think that sharing … [Read more...]

Heidi’s Mexican-esque Beans & Rice (gluten & dairy free)


I've said it before, I feel like I'm kinda a boring cook. I make a lot of the same things over and over partly because it makes my grocery budget stay lower and partly because I'm always running around crazy, so it makes my meal planning easier... Tonight, I noticed that I had a lot of veggies in that stage right before they go bad and I hate to waste food so I just started chopping. I decided … [Read more...]