Bacon Bowl 2013

We were able to visit the First Annual Bacon Bowl, courtesy of Petit Jean Meats and Great Day Farms this weekend, and wanted to share some of that with you via a video!  ENJOY! … [Read more...]

Wordless Wednesday…Country Living Style

Garden Country Living

"You look peaceful", she said.  "It's like you are one with nature", she said... I'm hot, sweaty, covered in bug bites, aching legs and back...   But I'm at peace. … [Read more...]

It’s Monday…


Heidi is in my favorite state...Colorado. I'm not bitter. The next three pictures describe my last few days... I'm NOT bitter. Seriously. I'm not bitter... What did your weekend look like?   … [Read more...]

Chore Charts Country Style!


I decided to make the kids some chore charts that would be re-usable and also blend with the decor (or lack thereof) in my home.  I was the fortunate beneficiary of some old windows, so they inspired this project! The first thing that I did was borrow my sister's electric sander, and sanded all three windows to remove all the old chipped off paint. Once that was done, I painted just one … [Read more...]