Then, Death Again.


So much of my story is a life after death. Here I am again... the phone rang. Just, wow. The death of a dream sometimes feels like such a real death. Something snatched away before it bloomed. The plans, the thoughts, the decisions and everything made leading up to something that was, for whatever reason, simply not meant to be. I'm left kneeling, palms up, again asking … [Read more...]

On Waiting Well

When I lived overseas, the public transportation was, to say the least, unpredictable. You might wait 30 seconds between buses or 30 minutes or more. The longer the time between buses, the larger the silent crowd would gather and the tensions would rise as people stepped forward out of place. We'd hear the bus before it came over the hill. There would be a quiet gasp, a push forward and a … [Read more...]

What? We look different?!

  OK, I'll address the awkward elephant in the room... Yes, we look a bit different don't we? We had some nipping, tucking... ok, basically a total overhaul. I feel like I just went out and got a fantastic make-over and I'm still in the semi shock of "man, I look so strange to myself!" ... but I like it! We are tweaking, changing, editing behind the scenes and we appreciate your … [Read more...]

January Storm


This morning it's thundering far away outside- dark stormy clouds and I feel the blood under my skin quicken. I feel awakened, beautiful and alive. The weather is as wild as my second boy and they compliment each other in an almost competition. It's summer warm and I ponder on it all. I open the front door, welcoming in the whispering change on the horizon. Hints as raindrops hesitatingly fall … [Read more...]