Mountains of silence


I am currently at the end of an eight day journey alone. Yep you read that... Alone. P.S. My dog has been with me. =-) I have never really done this before... This being going off on a long trip alone. I have been through some challenging situations in the last several weeks in my personal life and in this time I have questioned a lot in my life. This journey alone has been in … [Read more...]

It’s Monday…


Heidi is in my favorite state...Colorado. I'm not bitter. The next three pictures describe my last few days... I'm NOT bitter. Seriously. I'm not bitter... What did your weekend look like?   … [Read more...]

The small one


My job has taken me all over this summer. I have spent time in Arkansas, Missouri, Kansas, Texas, Oklahoma and Colorado.  I have been traveling to visit family's, have meeting at other programs and I went to conference. These trips have given me some great adventures each time however, probably the most profound time has been the last week I have had. Last week myself and Jenna went to … [Read more...]

About Me: Katy

Katy enjoying the river walk at Estes Park

Hi my name is Katy and I have just recently moved to my dream city- Fort Collins, Colorado from Sarasota, Florida! Fort Collins has all my favorite things- the most restaurants per capita, the brewery capital of the US ( I heard it described as the "Napa Valley of beer") along with majestic Rocky mountains and rivers! It has been quite a transition from Florida, a place that will always have a … [Read more...]