A dear friend of mine sent me a short sermon and this sermon was all about the bottom line of our identity as Christians. The totality of this sermon was that our final identity should be only found in that Christ is within us. Within this sermon the man speaking pulled up a book and read a quote from Tim Keller's, The Reason for God. The statement reads as this... "The essence of sin is … [Read more...]

Practical guide for introverts to survive “Greeting your Neighbor” at church

For my bible belt friends... all in good fun.  "Now turn and greet your neighbor!" My heart briefly sinks every time I hear that before it returns to the rapid beating of anxiety. My palms go sweaty and I nervously look around in fear- wondering which awkward encounter to have first. I understand that the "greeting your neighbor" time is suppose to be about fellowshipping with other … [Read more...]

Dancing Trees


Lucy Pevensie: They're so still. Trumpkin: The trees? What did you expect? Lucy Pevensie: They used to dance. From Prince Caspian How often is this a picture of us... of me...? At moments we dance and then at others we are so still and stoic.  This quote has always been such a powerful statement to me. I recently re-read something that I had written several years ago and I was … [Read more...]

A Year Ago This Week! (Pics!)

Dedication Pics (Feb. 2008) … [Read more...]