Wordless Wednesday: Visiting Santa for the first time

Visiting Santa!

PS. Bear was saying loudly in line "Santa not real!" which is hilarious because I've never told him that. Then he saw him and digested the fact he may, actually, be real. He started to (I think) imagine all the presents he could ask for while I took this picture. Right afterwords, he told Santa he wanted a "4-wheeler, tractor and pillows". PPS. Yes, Bug is wearing Spider-Man PJ's and camouflage … [Read more...]

Vintage, Glitter and White Christmas Mantle {DIY}

Decorated Mantle

This year Christmas decorations are all about Vintage, Glitter and White. This year I decided not to put up my Christmas Tree. I know, collectively everyone can gasp with horror! ... it's a weird decision but I DID put up a small one with some unbreakable (we'll see about that...) ornaments on so the boys at least have something. Why, you ask, did I not put a tree up? Well, for those of you … [Read more...]

Nelson Christmas Pics (Exodus)

Christmas Eve, opening presents! as you can see, my mom modeling her snazzy southwestern jacket and Summit shrieking in delight!Summit opening his gifts. He was very hesitant to rip the paper! He kept looking at me like he was about to get in trouble.Summit fell in love once again with his Auntie KK! He especially loved "attacking" her with kisses and love "nibbles". Also, choking her seemed to … [Read more...]

Christmas Nelson Family Picture (Pic!)

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