The Bounce


I feel fairly comfortable sharing my weaknesses here- it's a safe place for me and I feel anyone that comes here and decides to stay and read is doing it because they want to. I'm not shouting from a soapbox on a street corner, commanding people to pay attention to me- instead I feel sometimes like we are having a quiet conversation in a dimly lit coffee bar, as we lounge on comfortable chairs … [Read more...]

the beauty in breaking forth


Me and my big mouth. I love art, but it's something I don't have time for. I thought. Here is a conversation with one of my favorite coworkers, JP (as remembered by me): JP: I want some cool looking abstract art for my house that looks like this-  [shows picture]. Me: I could *totally* do that. Easy Peasy. I am really great at seeing art and being able to copy it well [completely … [Read more...]

On Waiting Well

When I lived overseas, the public transportation was, to say the least, unpredictable. You might wait 30 seconds between buses or 30 minutes or more. The longer the time between buses, the larger the silent crowd would gather and the tensions would rise as people stepped forward out of place. We'd hear the bus before it came over the hill. There would be a quiet gasp, a push forward and a … [Read more...]

Do You Have A Date For Prom Yet?


The title of this post was a text I recently sent to one of my friends who is a senior in college and to remind you that I am neither in high school or college anymore so this on every account was a strange text to send. In the last post I wrote I shared that I would be writing about another event that we recently attended... Well... Here it is. I am going to tell you a story about the best … [Read more...]