{Kindergarten Woes}

William's Syndrome

he's growing up...   I have a special needs child. But I am normal, I swear. It's not something that I usually ever talk about. I'm not sure why- I don't identify myself as a special needs mom typically. Maybe it's because his disability is pretty "easy" right now and I don't feel the depth of it all, but in some ways that might be the best way to go through it. It's like getting in a … [Read more...]

Bear & Bug {Easter Edition}

I know this isn't what Easter is about, I could write for days about what it means to me but on this very hurried and rushed morning, I'll leave you with a few images that make me smile. God created humor, didn't he? :)   … [Read more...]

Top 8 Pre-Christmas Magical Moments

10. Sometimes it's has nothing to do with Christmas. I took the boys to a demolition site to watch a huge tractor thingie pick up piles of a building. They love it!

Some years are better than others: some Christmases are full of amazing presents and others are full of amazing memories. I don't think presents make the holiday at all but it's always fun to get your child that perfect gift that makes them light up. ┬áThis year, finances are pretty tight so it's gonna┬áhave to be all be about the memories. :) What memories are you making with your family this … [Read more...]

Wordless Wednesday, courtesy of 6:25 Portraits

From our photo shoot with Jennifer Flowers of 625 Portraits. More will come. Happy Wordless Wednesday!

    … [Read more...]