a beautiful thing

When people surprise you for good.   I sat in my car, frustrated and freezing. I reluctantly reached for Ben's puffy coat that is enormous on him- the one he had me leave in the car just in case I slid off the road and had to walk for help in the sub zero temperatures. Although that wasn't the case at this moment, I was thankful he'd had the foresight as I was about to deal with the … [Read more...]

the repair of confidence


Do you ever want to tell people that you aren't who you used to be? When I was in fourth grade one of the most devastating things in my life happened to me. Her name was Stephanie and the whole summer she had been my best friend. We moved earlier that summer and to our delight, a little girl lived down the street from us that was my age. We bonded immediately over barbies and swimming in her … [Read more...]

with respect {for tolerance}


I just read a comment on Facebook where someone said, "I refuse to tolerate ignorance of any kind." I had agreed with everything this person said until that sentence. All the truth and good in what she believed was erased by her fury for people who disagree with her in certain areas. I understand that "ignorance" is associated with a certain way of believing but it's also just that:  a lack of … [Read more...]

a sneeze, please

about one time a year I get what I've called into "realist mode". I guess others might call it the blues because it's not a full on depression, but about this time in most Januaries that I remember I've felt this way. Perhaps it's a post-holiday season let down, the anticipation gone and the coldest month of the year in hand, but here I'm sitting again, trying to logically strip away my … [Read more...]