The World Wide Web Is So Amazing!!!


The title of this post seems like it should be something that I would be proclaiming in the early to mid 90's but here I am in 2012 saying hello to the internet and maybe appreciating this renewed introduction more than ever. I have mentioned before how I live in the country and how it sometimes feels that we are living in Africa in comparison to the rest of the world, well the past … [Read more...]

The Mother Letter Project

I'm sure some of you have seen my lovely new button on my side bar and have wondered to your self, "what is this mother letter stuff about anyways?" or perhaps you have even clicked on the button itself. The mother letter project was made by someone I go to church with and since I'll butcher it, here is his story in his own words. The StoryChristmas day of 2007 came and went. It was the typical … [Read more...]