Our House is for Sale!


Alternate Title: how to create an instant Murphy's Law.  Ben and I have been feeling for a while that we were suppose to sell our house. To a certain (huge) degree, it doesn't make a whole lot of sense. But we feel we are suppose to. So we decided to, step out in that shaky grey area of faith. Our AC promptly went out. OUT. {we didn't know for a while how OUT it would be} On … [Read more...]

Bacon Bowl 2013

We were able to visit the First Annual Bacon Bowl, courtesy of Petit Jean Meats and Great Day Farms this weekend, and wanted to share some of that with you via a video!  ENJOY! … [Read more...]

Ozark Corn Maze

Ozark Corn Maze

I have a little secret...Corn fields frighten me. I mean, I'm not typically too much of a scaredy cat, but in scary movies, scary things happen in corn fields. That being said- in spite of my fears, for the last couple of years I've wanted to go to a corn maze. Ben has not wanted to go to one. In fact... we  are opposites in almost every area, financially opposites just happens to be in … [Read more...]

More than a feeling…My thoughts on #AWBU

Apple Walnut Wantons

I got to spend the weekend with a pretty amazing group of ladies at the Arkansas Women Bloggers Unplugged 2013.  A great big THANKS to Great Day Farms for sponsoring me for this event and serving up some pretty amazing breakfast as well. At a conference I attended several years ago, one of the speakers said this: "Make this more than a jaccuzi experience."  That idea stuck with me for several … [Read more...]