Canned Food Drive {November 15th, 16th & 17th}

The little things that we do for others count. I think that a lot of times I over think giving back or doing good for others. I feel like if I can’t give big, then it doesn’t matter- which is so wrong. Sometimes it’s buying an extra box of cereal or some canned goods to donate- it’s affordable, simple and done regularly, it MATTERS.

When I heard that Tim and Jeff from Power 105.7 here in NW Arkansas were doing publicity and a call to action for canned food drive, at first I didn’t think much about- but then my apathy shocked me. I realized that I’d allowed myself to become immune to all the little ways I can help- which made me sad. Right then and there I decided that I wanted to help promote it! I know that there are lots of ways to be involved helping locally, so please share with me any you know and I’ll either write a blog post with a few or share about them on Twitter and Facebook.

LifeSource is a great local nonprofit whose goal is to feed the local people. To quote their website:

“LifeSource uses a holistic approach to help individuals and families in need.  Our goal is to make a difference both now and for generations to come. We help families in stress by customizing our services to meet their unique needs along with assisting them through programs and services. We served 50,000+ individuals, children, and families in need during 2011”

Life is busy, we are all on a budget and broke it seems– Here are a few simple ways you can help out your friends and neighbors:

1. On November 15th, 16th and 17th at the Walmart on Joyce, Power 105.7 will be hanging out next to a large Mayflower moving van. While you shop, buy a few canned goods (or non-perishable food items) to donate when you leave! It many seem small or insignificant, but you are actually HELPING feed someone.

2. If you don’t live here just open your eyes- this time of year there are flyers at your children’s schools, grocery stores and churches. There are so many easy ways that you can make a real difference in someone’s life.

3.  Spread the word! Share this with friends on Facebook and Twitter or get your office involved! There are so many different ways to help out and give back this year- so often we get caught up with our busy schedules that we don’t take time to think of others. Raise awareness, if nothing else.

Poverty isn’t just some lazy person that doesn’t want to work. The faces are often ones we don’t realize are struggling at all. When Ben lost his job almost 2 years ago, he didn’t have one for some time. It was overwhelming and stressful. A friend offered to take some family pictures and I decided to include one because at the time we were living with some government assistance as Ben worked several small part time jobs. We don’t look like we are struggling, but every month we wondered if we’d have the money to make a house payment. I’m so thankful for friends and family that supported us during that hard period and I look forward to helping others this season. It was a hard place to be- swallowing pride and accepting help. 

What are your favorite charities to donate time or money to and why? Have you ever been in a place where you needed help or assistance?

  • Katy Nelson Schmidt

    Love this message and thank you for being your vulnerable wonderful self!! You are my inspiration!! :)

  • TheBusyNothings

    Thanks Katy!!!

  • Sarea Clark

    You ROCK! Seriously Rock! Love you and your writing.

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