Breakfast at Ellen’s (Not to be confused with Tiffany’s)…

You guys remember my friend Ellen, right?  If not, here is a photo reminder…

Sarea and Ellen

She is kind enough to allow me to hang out on the weekends I don’t have my kids.  I spend the night, laugh, watch movies, and read aloud to her (We are currently on “Drums of Autumn” by Diana Gabaldon, AMAZING!)

What I like to do, and enjoy doing  is cooking breakfast…

Here we have some farm fresh eggs, cheese, orange pepper, broccoli, tomato, spinach and onion.

Omelette beginnings

First I add the onion and spinach to the pan and saute’ them

Step one

Then I add the rest of the veggies.

Step two

While that is cooking, I mix up 3 eggs with some salt and pepper…

I remove the veggies from the pan, pour in the egg and then add the veggies back in…

Let that cook for a little bit, then attempt to flip it without breaking it…HA.


It is only in 3 pieces…that is success in my book!

Add some cheese.


Oh, I used Coconut Oil…it is GREAT stuff!

Coconut Oil

Add a few orange slices and TA DA!

ta da


  • TheBusyNothings

    This is making me SO HUNGRY.

  • Ellen

    Yes, it was as good as it looks 😉
    And uber healthy!! She takes good care of me!

    I’m blessed to have such a great relationship with Sarea (and the Clark family). I was just thinking . . . we go back 20 years +. Neither of us seem old enough to claim a friendship for that long 😉

    Gregory Kitchen Rule #8: In this house, one does the cooking and “the other” does the cleanup . . .

    . . . in this case . . . it was worth it LOL

  • Donna Ruth Altes

    The omellete looked fantastic! I wanted to be there to share… I remember writing to Sarea’s mother and father to introduce “my sister” to Arkansas before you moved there…hoping that they would be warm, welcoming people to open their arms to my sister, Ellen. And they DID!!!

  • Sarea Clark

    I will be more than happy to make you one when you visit! I am also very thankful that you did the research and helped with the connection!

  • Sarea Clark

    I made another one today for me and Madison! It was delicious!

  • Sarea Clark

    I must ask, what are rules 1-7? Oh, and we should probably invest in a non stick pan! 😉