blooming weeds


I think part of chasing authenticity and truth occasionally has to delve into the cheesy and cliche sometimes. I'm a geek and love a good life analogy and I'm pretty sure almost every writer has used this one before.  Recently I realized that the only thing really in full bloom in my yard was a lovely crop of weeds in my flower bed and yard. You see, I love the poetry of hands dug deep in … [Read more...]

stupid things well-meaning people say


Sitting  up in my seat with my laptop cradled, I worked from my favorite Fayetteville coffee shop earlier this week. It's the one I don't work from much because of all the faces that I know and good talk more than work happens, which is all fun but not always good when deadlines fast approach. I wished the dark corners of the shop were open but instead I sat framed in the sunlight from the … [Read more...]

Boys can be insecure too


Boys can be insecure too. As you know, I'm a mom of two boys, 6 and 3 years old.  They are brash, wild, energetic, beautiful beings that I feel the ache of love for. ...and the ache of my body from them jumping on me, running into me and me chasing them across parking lots...  I never thought that I'd have one boy, I mean statistically when we decided to have kids I realized that it might … [Read more...]

Springing or Stumbling: the pursuit of inner peace


Spring forward came and that next Monday I ran to my car in the dark, headlights illuminating the house.  I felt the giddiness of when something feels different, my body awake a hour early surprised us both with a coherent morning start. I let the silence in the car permeate, soak deep and mentally I prepared for the week. For me, that week previous was the hardest week at my job yet, murphy's … [Read more...]