Animal Party {wild wilderness drive through safari}

“No, Bear” I replied, “we are going to an Animal SAFARI, not party.”

“AWWW, NO MOM, I want to go to an Animal PARTY please!”

It didn’t matter what I said, Bear’s excitement was contagious and soon Bug was screeching “Mamimal Potty!!!”

We drove last week to Gentry to go to the strange but wonderful Gentry Animal Safari. I say strange because it’s really strange to me that it exists here in #NWARK (Northwest Arkansas), I mean, I don’t associate this area with zebras, lions, crocodiles, monkeys and a huge animal petting zoo. As usual, we had a fantastic time and the highlight for me was getting to hold and pet a baby lion!! Yes, I was singing the “Circle of Life” at the top of my *inside* lungs, because, people already think I’m weird, better not freak out all the fraternity and sorority kids near me… 

*Reccomendation, call ahead to see what fun and exciting baby animals are available to be held and petted! The time before this I got to hold a (extremely frisky and clawful) baby Tiger!

The day was a surprisingly warm, October day and the wind blew hard which was refreshing and promising of typical season weather soon to arrive. I, unsurprisingly, was more excited than my children and practically danced around the car, an unbuckling fairy, freeing children and giddily promising exotic animals and experiences beyond their young  mind’s wildest imagination….

CAMEL! “Do you want to come pet the camel?” asked the animal handler. “No, it is too big,” responded Bear.

Family pic driving through the Safari!

I had to threaten Bug for this pic- LOL- he was hungry and demanding granola bars as he ran away from me. I smiled and asked him, “do you want to eat?”… “Yes!” Bug answered. “THEN SIT DOWN NEXT TO YOUR BROTHER AND SMILE!”… and here is the picture! :)

Bug was slightly terrified of the goats and 400lb pig so he requested very calmly that I carried him. :)

Ben holding the baby lion cub! This was better than Disney Land!

Bug was delighted with the Lion Cub… especially when Ben agreed to let him hold it!

I have to say that the above pic of a brave Bug was taken AFTER this one- Bear kissing the lion cub. :)

Ben wanted to take this little guy home! :)

they had never seen a peacock beore. Bug is properly in awe…

A very curious zebra wanted to climb inside our car. and yes, that is a CAMEL in the back ground!

A TIGER, next to a pen of Lions. Next to a pen of Bears. OH MY.

Bug’s terror in the Goat, pig and kangaroo pen.

We had a fantastic day and if you live in NW Arkansas or are traveling through, I highly recommend it! Not only is it a fun drive through animal safari with animals you don’t usually get to see this up close, but the petting zoo and exotic baby animals you get to hold make the trip a once in a lifetime experience! Find directions to the Gentry Animal Safari Here.

  • Sarea Clark

    I absolutely loved the photos! The bribed photo was the best of course!

  • lindseylu

    love all these pics. And yes, I bribe for brother pictures too. Don’t feel bad :)

  • Kim

    Holy crud! I thought it was going to be lame so we’ve never gone. But BABY TIGERS?!?! Sign me up!