A Day of Gluten-Free Foods

I wouldn’t consider myself a Foodie per se (I didn’t know what “muddling” was until the other day, Thanks NWA Foodie…) or that my blog is a Food blog even though I post Gluten-Free recipes fairly frequently. I guess what I’m saying here is because of my general lack of knowledge in culinary arts, I don’t feel like I’m qualified to have a Food Blog.  I don’t know the names of half of the utensils crammed in my drawer by my oven. I DO love food so I decided to use my ignorance in the kitchen, but love for good food and my gluten-free lifestyle to encourage others cause if I can do it, YOU CAN DO IT.

“Karen stood in her kitchen, a panic attack building up inside her. Her husband had just informed her that they were hosting bible study this week and she needed to prepare the meal for everyone. She hated to cook and she knew that 2 of the people in the group ate Gluten-Free because of health issues. This sent her in a panicked mode, wondering if the local natural food store carried enough frozen meals she could de-thaw and serve up- but she knew she didn’t have THAT much money either… ”

Have you ever been in this situation? Forced to cook for someone that has a restrictive diet? Lately, Gluten-Free living has become much more mainstream and with the desire to educate and simplify this, I want to write a post that will tear down mental walls that people put up when they hear Gluten-Free… So, basically the above story was my mom. She called me asking what she should do and she was flipping through Allergy cook books trying to find a recipe she knew what the ingredients were. Let’s face it, Gluten-Free living is kind of intimidating. I know I was freaked out when we first become Gluten-Free due to my son’s intolerance!

This post is for people who have relatives and friends that are Gluten-Free and avoid having them over for dinner because they are freaked out. There are easy choices, I have a 4-year-old and a 1-year-old and I’m on a TIGHT BUDGET so I don’t have a lot of time to make complicated  and expensive meals.

*Side note: Some people are extremely sensitive to Gluten and may not want to eat at your house. One of my friends with Celiac’s Disease had to buy new pots and pans because they were so sensitive to the gluten contamination on them! Other friends with Celiac’s Disease eat non-certified Gluten-Free oatmeal from Wal-Mart so there is a huge range on the Gluten-Free eating lifestyle. We eat Gluten-Free preventatively because Bear has tested inconclusively for Celiac’s Disease and has a 1 in 4 chance of getting it. Also, he is very likely to get ADD or ADHD so our Gluten-Free lifestyle is more flexible than a lot of people. This series is more for people who don’t have to be as particular. Ask them first. :) Most stores have a Gluten-Free section now, especially Wal-Mart neighborhood markets. (Sam’s Club has some great options as well.) You don’t have to go to the “weird” all-natural food store to get products anymore.

A Day of Gluten-Free meals and foods:

Bisquick- oh the possibilities!

Breakfast: Eggs, cheese, milk, orange juice are all fine! There is a Gluten-Free Bisquick that I LOVE. You can make a ton of breakfast, lunch and dinner items with it.  I usually make pancakes and add bananas and blueberries to them. Delicious.We don’t eat a lot of bacon and sausage because we are impatient morning people, but I saw some labeled Gluten-Free at the store before. Chex cereal and milk is a much quicker option!

Lunch: There are tons of Gluten-Free lunch meats available now. I make Bear sandwiches every day for his school lunch. He either wants smoked turkey and cheese or almond butter and jelly. Pre-packaged fruit cups are great as well as Gluten-Free rice crispy treats they have in the breakfast bar aisle in Wal-Mart. Tortilla and Potato chips are great CHEAP lunch options!

Veggie Straws

Snacks: Fruits & veggies are healthy and fairly cheap. I always have blueberries and grapes to snack on as well as apples and bananas. My kids don’t really get into the veggies and dip snack so I have to sneak in veggies elsewhere- like with… Veggie Straws! Basically potato chips with veggies. We go through a HUGE bag a week.


noodles, sauce and bread

Dinner: OPTION 1-Use your normal spaghetti sauce and make it however you normally would (ie- meat balls, hamburger, veggies, etc.) and use Gluten-Free noodles. Make a salad. See, nothing is weird here. If YOU would still like garlic toast make some for yourself, the Gluten-Free friends won’t mind. There is some great Gluten-Free bread now that tastes “normal” toasted. I use Rudi’s multigrain Gluten-Free bread all the time for guests and they don’t know anything is different… Butter and garlic it up.

chicken, rice & veggies

OPTION 2- This is what I usually do. Cook some chicken with garlic and onion in a skillet. (Or you can get the Rotisserie Chicken and pull it apart. Make sure it’s labeled Gluten-Free) Then, I cut up a ton of various veggie and add them. Once they are soft I add about 5 cups of water, garlic salt, (or whatever your favorite seasonings are) pepper and 2 cups basmatti or any other type of rice. I cover it all and simmer until the rice is cooked. I love making these type of dishes because I’m constantly interrupted and nothing will be ruined by inattention. Serve this with a small salad.

brownies and cake (chocolatechip cookie box not pictured but it's delicious!)

Dessert: I’m not so great of a Gluten-Free baker at this time so convenience is KEY for me! Betty Crocker makes great options that are SUPER EASY and not expensive.

Side Note: I wasn’t paid in money, products or coupons to write this post.

This is really what I eat most days. I’d love it if the companies DID choose to give me free products, however,  I’m not snobby about food charity! :)


  • Kelly

    Question: are there any kinds of rice that AREN’T gluten-free? Where can gluten “hide” as far as things we don’t normally think about?

  • http://TheBusyNothings.com Heidi

    GOOD QUESTION! Rice is always gluten-free! As far as common ingredients that have gluten… WHOH that is a question! Gluten is in SO MANY THINGS! read this article: it was helpful to me- but there are lots of good sourses!