A case of exercise BLAHS {Work & Exercise}


I haven’t been exercising lately. I’ve thought a lot about it.

I’ve put exercise clothes on most days. I have some exercise videos in my instant que on Netflicks.

I’ve made myself feel crappy about not exercising, I’ve tried shame and insults. aaaaaand nothing has worked.

Bleeeeerg. I feel my muscles softening, I feel pounds returning…. 7 in fact.



I’m trying to find the time to exercise again. It was hard to make the time to work out before I worked, now, working about 30 hours a week, it’s nearly impossible. My job is unpredictable at times and I need to do most tasks quickly. I have more freedom than I choose to take however…

I can make time, I’m not a helpless victim. I can choose to exercise, I’ve just not been choosing it. BLERG.

How about you? Blocked goals? How do you choose to exercise even when you are exhausted, wanting to crawl into bed as soon the kids are asleep?



  • http://www.facebook.com/sarea.clark Sarea Clark

    You are my inspiration…I’m exercising tomorrow! Now to head to bed so I can’t use the ‘I’m too tired” excuse. Freakin’ accountability…

  • Shannon Bowers

    I wake up early and head to the gym at 5:15 in the morning. Getting out of bed is the hardest part. Once you get up its great. For me at least.

  • http://Themadething.com Kim

    I haven’t in a while either. The heat gets to me and bam, there goes bikini season figure!

  • http://TheBusyNothings.com Heidi

    TOTALLY agree! Not that I had a bikini figure… BUT I was getting close! :) ) and now, it’s just blah. Hang in there!