A Big Announcement…

To anyone who knows us, this isn’t actually that surprising of an announcement at all but I suppose it might seem a bit sudden to others.

We are moving to Colorado. SOON.



Well, I say that it might seem sudden to some of you but to be honest I’m still in some shock myself over the complete fluidness since this crazy adventure began August 1st.  It’s as if every step was already taken, one of those weird situations where I was just along for the ride. I kind of feel like I’m on one of those moving sidewalks in airports, like the bionic woman taking huge strides and passing people while humming my own theme music… (cue Jim Gaffigan)

I’ve never been at a place like this before. Where I’ve lived each day at a time and each day to the fullest (and had plenty of crying meltdowns hiding under the quilt on my bed as well).  I let the troubles of the day be the troubles of that day (and recycled several cardboard boxes of wine- CAUSE WE HAVE TO PROTECT THE ENVIRONMENT WHEN WE DRINK RESPONSIBLY.). What I realized in the highs and the lows of the last 7 weeks was the simplicity of what faith in God looks like- letting go of control and fear. (IF you haven’t noticed my not-quite-so-subtle Instagram posts of late…)

There is more to come, I’ve been chomping at the bit to share and drafts have been piling up but there is time to go backwards and tell the whole crazy God story soon.


But for now, this is so bittersweet to say goodbye. I feel wrecked to leave but ready. We absolutely love the school the boys are in and the community we have with friends is something we have fought for years to have. I don’t take it lightly and it’s like loosing family members to think of leaving them.

But… it is time. (Cue Rafiki telling Simba that…) After nearly 6 years of different closed doors and at least 13 years of “I wanna move to Colorado” it is finally time. (and for the love, our first borns name is “Summit”. Who didn’t think we’d eventually make it out there?! ... … <awkwardly raise my own hand>)

What Ben and I realized is that after pouring over books like Start and Do Over by Jon Acuff, Daring Greatly and Rising Strong by Brene Brown, Visioneering by Andy Stanley, and even For the Love by Jen Hatmaker,  and watching those books collect dust is that at some point you have to LET GO and step out- knowing you could fail and realizing that is life.

The reward is worth the risk though, of intoxicating life living.


Who knows- we might totally fail at this and limp home to Arkansas. That is ok. We might look like idiots. I’m fine with that. People might say we are crazy. Well… I have no defense to that charge actually.

IMG_6832The point it this: YOLO. OK, that is a terrible millennial generation point that is often used as justification for irresponsible decision making but it’s true. You Only Live Once and when you let go of control, (and I mean like really letting go- praying the real prayers of submission and begging him to take control of my life because I know that the true peace from him can only be found when I give up MY rights, MY expectations and MY demands…) trust in God, seek his will first and finally, dear friends, WAIT ON HIM –>  he WILL COME THROUGH.

And not just come through… so much more!  oh my goodness I’m so glad he didn’t answer my prayers over the years because it all makes sense now. All of it. and to my surprise it’s so MUCH BETTER than what I was asking for. (But my dream to you might sound like a total nightmare! Ha ha!) I was asking for crumbs to live on and he gave me a steak dinner with all the sides at Ruths Chris. (I can’t think of something fancier right now, but if you hate that place just insert your favorite meal.)

Everything has been equipping us for this. So the awkward question you might be asking because of all my “daring greatly” talk might be this- “Do you think you are going to fail?” and to that I confidently tell you– Absolutely NOT. We are moving into roles that are using our specific strengths and giftings. Does that mean there won’t be hard times? NO. There will definitely be hard times. The thing about living your dream is that it often involves a lot of blood, sweat and tears. But to the best of our abilities we feel great about this, our families do and our close community does as well. But so much more importantly- we feel the peace is from God and he had already made this path straight for us.

I encourage you as I am taking this step out… what is your secret passion and dream? Begin it. Even if it’s just buying one of the books I mentioned or taking a class… whatever it is, I truly believe that God has given each of us a reason for being here on this earth. I think that when we give up fear, perfectionism and control and get out of the way of ourselves that we are fully capable to change the part of the word we were meant to.



  • Talya Tate Boerner

    Good for you! I’m happy for you and can tell you are headed where you need to be. I’m glad our paths crossed and hope they will again.

  • ThePark Wife

    I am so happy for y’all, it’s about time ! I think every time we talked in the past couple years the word Colorado comes up. You have been such a light, strong force a good, and joy in my life. I expect phone calls and emails. I am extremely thankful and blessed that the blog world promise together. Go climb those mountains girl!

  • Angie Albright

    As you always do, you come up with great phrases and sentences that are so expressive and so moving. I love all of the books you’ve mentioned. I am SO thrilled for you, and I can’t wait to hear what the adventure is all about. But I won’t lie. I’m SO SAD that you’re so far away! I can visit, though, right?

  • terralm

    Heidi, I realize I am late here, but congratulations. I adore this post and specifically this ” when we give up fear, perfectionism and control and get out of the way of ourselves that we are fully capable to change the part of the word we were meant to.” Best wishes to you and your boys! And cheers to living your best life!

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  • TheBusyNothings

    Thank YOU! It’s been such a journey to this place. I really appreciate your words.

  • TheBusyNothings

    Sorry I’m just now responding! THANK YOU! Come visit anytime!

  • TheBusyNothings

    Thank you so much! I’ve been terrible at getting on here and moderating posts- hoping to start blogging again regularly! 😀

  • TheBusyNothings

    Thank you!