These are the days…

So remember back when I said I was going to do a blog series on going back to work? On quick and easy fashion, cheap work clothes and then on how I cook? Yeah. So that hasn’t happened like I planned on. The reality is that how busy I am is a completely true reflection of a working mom. Instead of a fashion post today, I’ll just be honest about a few things.

I’m struggling- and I feel that this pretty much can be applied to all areas.

  • Food: We’ve ate out more in the last month than we have most of the summer. Perhaps all of last year combined. THAT might be a bit of a stretch, but we were on financial lock down last year and now that we have more money… and less time… we are spending it on eating out. Usually I try to prepare a few meals on Sundays to get ahead for the week but we went to the inlaws for dinner, which was amazing… but now I feel behind. 

    Eating out has been so … hard

  • Fashion: I‘m a wrinkled mess. Clothes off the floor, hair from yesterday. I do NOT look like a fashionista today. At least I remembered to put on deodorant. I think.

    Sweater is from… high school… tank is from a friend… necklace is from an Avon Party I fell pressured to buy something at and finally that smile… is… WOW- kind of creepy. .;)

  • Family: I am getting better about putting the laptop down for a few hours and holding my babies. I’m not perfect but my work will perpetually be there and I need to make family a priority.

Family time!

**Note I am not even going to discuss working out… (I’ve gained 8lbs since this summer- BAHHHHHHHHHHHHH)

  • Amy

    The picture of the boys is so cute and the picture of you is cracking me up. I feel you on being super busy. I keep reminding myself that being busy is a good thing…most of the time.

  • Sarea Clark

    You are REAL! Thank you for sharing your struggles and short comings, it makes me love you all the more! If you could nail everything at the same time, it would make me (or the rest of us I am assuming) feel like failures. We are with you on this journey, not ahead (mostly behind), but with you nonetheless. We love you!

  • Sarea Clark

    P.S. I really have NO idea who this ‘we’ is I keep talking about….perhaps all those that read this and don’t leave a comment! 😉

  • Stephanie McCratic

    I get this! Remember where we both were a year ago? What a change.

  • BrandiJeter

    Heidi, I am RIGHT THERE with you!!! LOL! I’m happy, though. The family is happy. Everyone’s eating…something. :-)

  • TheBusyNothings

    and ha ha ha- my delay is responding to these comments is ANOTHER sign I’m super busy! ;))

  • TheBusyNothings

    Thanks so much Sarea!

  • TheBusyNothings

    I know- it’s a happy time- but crazy busy! hah!!!

  • TheBusyNothings

    What a change indeed Stephanie- it really is fun to think about all that we have accomplished in just this short amount of time. Don’t get a big head- but you were totally right with your predictions! ;))

  • TheBusyNothings

    Thanks so much Amy! lol, yeah, sometimes I have to remind myself!