Wordless Wednesday


Today I did it. I completed the couch to 5k journey! I'm exhausted and the surreal feeling of accomplishment is floating through my brain every few minutes.  I'm sore and barely was able to finish, which seems appropriate since the struggle for health, discipline and balance has been ongoing for years. But today, I'm winning. :) … [Read more...]

A Fine Dime: Meet Laurel! (A guest post)


Laurel is mother to 2 beautiful boys, an avid runner, a health nut and loves quality, inexpensive fashion. If you follow me AT ALL on my blog the above description could describe me as well actually!! The funny thing is that I didn't realize that until I wrote it all out. HAH! SO, other than the fact that she is a much better runner than I am, we have a lot in common. We actually tried to split a … [Read more...]

Hope & Community


  I started to write a post on hope the other day and it fizzled in my draft folder. I went back to re-examine it today to see if I could breathe in some new life and it occurred to me why it had so difficult. I usually get blocked when I'm writing about something near to my heart but not being really honest with myself . I was talking about the hope of finding a community group... … [Read more...]

Intentional Resolutions.

I hate New Years Resolutions. I took a personalty test last fall and discovered my driving force is passion... followed closely by rebellion. Wait- what? Rebellion? How is that... good? SO... I'm passionately... rebellious at times and one of said times is around New Years when everyone around me is cheerily listing all the things that they are going to do better at in the New Year. … [Read more...]