Pink is not a part of my life.

Blog Pics

  Pink is not a part of my life. *****  5 years ago this month... I dreamed of fluffy tutu's, head swallowing bows and plastic jewels.  I could see her sweet white blonde curls, large blue eyes, dressed up in princess costumes and tea parties with stuffed animals. I expected to be annoyed with little hands in my make- up drawer and feet tripping around the house in my heels. I … [Read more...]

In which I almost knocked over an elder in my church (while wearing amazing heels…)


I love heels. If you follow me on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram you may have saw a picture of some killer heels that I wore recently. I got them at a thrift store and they were exactly the brand and PRICE I was wanting. Now I feel sassy, grown-up and classy wearing them with my skinny jeans. I've met my first goal of my New Year, New You series that I'm writing about in my Exercise Nothings … [Read more...]

musings on being a single mom

First of all, I'm not really a single mom. I decided to keep a bit of a journal while Ben was away on a business trip last week and here are some journal entries: -my house is cleaner. -re: previous statement- is this because Ben's absence OR because I rely on him less for help? -I CAN take the trash out and change the cat little box easily and quickly. (Please don' t tell him that I said … [Read more...]

A Fine Dime: Hipster Style (guest post)


Meet Sherry from Sherry K Letters! Many people truly have their own style and wear what they love and what they feel comfortable in and I also determine many things I wear by these desires as well.  I am, however, beginning to learn that while many people work hard to have their own mind in their style and do not allow anything or anyone to influence how they dress, the cold hard truth is … [Read more...]