A Win. and I’ll take it!


Do you ever have an accidental win as a parent? My example comes after a long, hard day- after about 15 other hard ones preceding. So- basically this month has sucked BUT that is NOT what this post is about. :) Today I got a win. Even if it was accidental. We have been going non-stop today. It's been hot and for some reason my all-natural deodorant has NOT been working lately and I felt … [Read more...]

College Tuition Scholarship- Dr. Pepper & Murphy USA


When I was in college, every little bit of money helped. I applied for scholarships in high school, got one, and worked part time to pay for books and food. I was super busy and once I was in college I didn't pursue scholarship options and I regret that now. Every year college students graduate with thousands, or tens of thousands, in debt. I'd encourage students to apply for as many … [Read more...]

salsa & margs

Dinner tonight- salsa & margaritas- usually out for a girl's night on Thursday's, was made at home and ate with Ben and the boys to save money. :) See- even broke I have a sense of humor. (the humor being the smiley face...) It's been a week now. Last week has sucked not been the best one. It's been like a weird, pseudo vacation or long weekend. I keep expecting Ben to leave and go to … [Read more...]

Pimped-Out Blog

Unfortunately, Xzibit isn't here to pimp out my blog OR my car. Not that it needs it- I think that it looks pretty darn awesome actually! If you have been following me for awhile you may have noticed that recently I've began to do some "sponsored" blog posts. I hope that this doens't bother you, in fact,  I've decided to make a list to tell you why this is a good thing for you, my loyal … [Read more...]