much ado… and french fries

I wish I could record my thoughts sometimes. I mentally write blogs in my head and think to myself, "wow, that is SO clever, you should put that in a blog!" and then respond back, "I know, right! That would be a killer blog!" then by the time I think to actually write down all of my cleverness it's gone, gone, gone. Today started in most of that same way, but I got to a computer, opened up a page … [Read more...]

I know her (Part 2)

"I knew her. I didn’t actually know her, know her, but the little girl who must have been about 5 or 6 was very familiar to me. She looked at me with curious eyes, I must have seemed strange even for a stranger, staring so intently into her open face. My heart hammered from the combination of sudden adrenaline and the caffeine I had just consumed. I wanted so badly to go over to the father … [Read more...]

it is well

I started to write a post on depravity- how it's only in the realization of how truly in need of God we are that our relationship with him can bloom when... ...over the monitor Sum was NOT napping after a long while so I checked on him. He was buck naked, delighted with his uncanny ability to take off his PINNED ON fleeced zip-up and diaper. And he peed in his bed. So, I'm doing laundry now in … [Read more...]

taking a moral stand. #Fail

While at Walgreens the other day, I was annoyed to see that they had a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition promo box full of magazines near the check out, not in the magazine aisle. Normally, I hate being "that" person so I would have ignored it, but the fact that it was positioned at my almost 3-year-old's eye level really ticked me off. In fact he tried to take a copy for himself, thus alerting … [Read more...]