it’s official.

It's official. We're in the 'ment. (That "the Basement" for those of you who aren't familiar in the common vernacular of adults with children moving back into the basement of one of the couple's parents.)Our house is a mess. Like MESS. But the computer is hooked up and I've had internet this whole time. Something about priorities??? … [Read more...]

my brain is a ticking time bomb

If there has been any sort of running theme in my life these last few months, it has to be insanity, vomit and poop. It's sad and pathetic in a way that my stability has been mostly in bodily excrement. Today, for examp, I've already cleaned up cat poop from my cat Snickerdoodle, who has toxic chemical waste poop that is worse than a rotting corpse stuffed in a port-a-potty over the summer, … [Read more...]

top 10 list of why Austin is the best town ever

I haven't the time to adequately post about my trip to Austin, TX on the week eve of my big move. and since I rarely deprive you, oh my readers, of a solid posting, I feel you won't hold this little deviation against me. So, here is the top ten reasons I love Austin and what made my trip awesome. 10. no child or husband. Although at first glance, you may be thinking, "oh how mean Heidi is to talk … [Read more...]

Top 3 reasons my day sucked today

3. Lost my retainer.2. Lost my cell phone. Then found my cell phone. Next to the road. In 5 pieces.1. I'm freaking not in Austin anymore. … [Read more...]