"In my younger and more vulnerable years"…

...I went to Silver Dollar City and quietly watched the performers with the elderly crowd. While audibly mocking the sparkly outfits and vests the performers wore as well as the twangy sounds their voices and instruments alike made to my friends, I secretly wondered if something was wrong with me. I already knew from experience that I hadn't the cool-factor the other kids seem to have in … [Read more...]

guess what??? (Pics!)

oh yeah baby it's only a matter of time now! … [Read more...]

my baby’s ON the chart and getting an ultrasound… huh?

On the Chart:the bottom 3% that is! in height. Yesss!!! (we're still not on the chart for weight, but we're on our way!) Yesterday we saw Dr. Jackson for Summit's 18-month check up and this was the first "positive" appointment we've had! That is, I had worse news than him! that was kind of nice, having him point out the positive and being optimistic. Now that we have a diagnosis, he was excited to … [Read more...]

My *new* life anthem

ahem ahem... my new life anthem (ignore the creepy ballerinas if there was an audio file only I'd have posted it instead)That which doesn't kill you makes you stronger, they say. Who says? is that biblical? As I grow and change, thus my life anthem does too. My old life anthem is still pretty right on though too... … [Read more...]