These are some pics of where we went on our honeymoon, aren't they beautiful? I have been nostalgic lately and felt like finding pictures of the beautiful lakes. The natural color of the lakes is this intense blue, the minerals from the melted glaciers feeding them give them that color. I think if I didn't believe in the Father, I would worship nature. As it is, I worship him for his nature, the … [Read more...]

The cowheard and the weaver girl

I know this picture is completely random but one of my students, Jing Jing, told me the story that this picture symbolizes and I thought it was so random and beautiful. In Chinese culture they don't tell people that they love each other and in our "I love cheeseburgers" culture that is shocking! I jokingly told one of my students "Wu Ay Nee" ("I love you" in Chinese- Katy, you can correct me!) … [Read more...]

Highlights of my day yesterday:

-blowing up a froggie pool and filling it with water so I could watch my child attempt to drown himself over a dozen times. He insists on "crawling" in the pool so he can multi-task at dunking his head under the water and breathing in at the same time. Our fun time ended when he threw himself back, bounced off the side and completely submerged himself. (while breathing in at the same … [Read more...]

Fun in the Froggie Pool

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