More pirate (pics.!) and a normal posting turned into a RANT!

Summit is trying to crawl today. He just started doing it out of nowhere and I wish he wouldn't. Not in the cutsie way of "Oh, my Johnny is crawling and gets into everything" -the pretend dismay at the cleverness of their child. NO, I mean it like "Oh, Summit does a face plant every time he tries to go from sitting to crawling and then screams". Ha ha!!! Not, ha ha in the sense that I'm laughing … [Read more...]

The pirate, Mommy, a cop (Daddy!) and a friend (Pics!!!)

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Hot Fuzz

I really have a kid this good. He's been in his pack-n-play since 8:15 this morning happily playing with his toys. (it's almost 10:15 now as I'm writing) The one contingency? Music must be playing at all times. He actually gets mad in that 2 second pause b/t songs! He had a fever yesterday so we're taking it easy at home today. The landlords' friend... ah, I mean "Plummer" just left our house. In … [Read more...]

"Nothings going to change my world"

Summit loves music. Today he was grumpily trying to pull his patch off and when I'd pull his hands away he'd start crying. Such a fun game. I've tried the distraction methods, his "stations" as I like to call them. First the johnny jumper, then the exersauser, his brand-new walker he's not too sure about, his play mat, ME (the least fun option apparantly...) Wow- off topic- it's thundering so … [Read more...]